Yellow Rain

‘A quick image of terrified eyes, staring up from beneath the leaves, flashes before Joe. Those eyes had to belong to a man, some pathetic recluse down on his luck and living in the woods because there’s no place for someone like him. Joe knows better. He doesn’t even live that way. Did the darkness and his memories play tricks on his mind? What they think is the girl’s man-animal-can’t be-some fabled Bigfoot. It can’t be. Such things don’t exist. Joe turns, looking for Claire who is nowhere in sight.’

Some people drag their problems everywhere with them, even shattering the silence and serenity of nature. In Yellow Rain author Barbara J Ferrell vividly reveals that there are more than big, hairy monsters haunting the woods. But, can Joe intervene in time before winter covers the mountain in an icy blanket? And, can Claire’s love save Joe from his self-imposed solitude?

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